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EcoSENSE is providing advisory services for business leaders, public and private institutions/companies to  focus on sustainable business development. Main services are related to conceptual environmental solutions in waste-management, -collections and

-treatment sectors as well as operational and digital solutions.



Projects are professionally conducted by the consultant through different phases which involve all levels of the entire corporation. Starting by close investigations within different devisions and departments, followed by detailed analysis case by case and leading into recommendations for sustainable decision making.



Throughout the initial meetings with the client, clear objectives will be developed together and client's overall strategy and vision will be taken as target and measurements for the consulting process. Clients will be lead to process driven approaches which end up in sustainable solutions.





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EcoSENSE is an Austrian based consultancy, focused on Concept and Operational Advisory, as well as Digital Advisory and bringing Business' to a new process driven level.

Companies and organisations which are suffering of inefficient and uncontrolled processes are not just loosing money, they are also wasting resources and time, which could be used to generate intelectual property and have a strong target driven approach to develop the business.

"CREATE YOUR SUSTAINABLE FUTURE" with EcoSENSE as your leading Advisory Partner

Eng. Peter Schmid, MSc
Business Unit Director - Advisory Services

"Sustainable Business-Process development is a healthy way to prepare for future challanges"

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